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Professor Sheila Rodwell (Bingham)

Professor Sheila Rodwell (Bingham)

We are deeply saddened by the death on 15 June 2009 of Professor Sheila Rodwell who was one of the founding principal investigators in EPIC-Norfolk.

Professor Sheila Rodwell (Bingham) was a Principal Investigator in the EPIC Norfolk study. She became interested in the relationship between diet and cancer whilst working on international comparative studies of fibre intake and colon cancer incidence in the UK and Scandinavia.

Realising the need for large scale prospective studies of cancer and diet, in which individual dietary intake could be assessed, she set out in the 1980s to find a suitable way of doing this by developing biomarkers that could be used to verify reports of food intake. Once this was done it was possible to show that accurate measurement of diet in large numbers of individuals was feasible, and EPIC-Norfolk began in 1992.

Professor Sheila Rodwell was also Deputy Director of the Medical Research Council's Dunn Human Nutrition Unit (, an Associate Lecturer at the Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge and visiting Professor at the University of Ulster at Coleraine.

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